About Topomaps Inventory

Topomaps Collection at Rutgers University

The Topographic maps issued by the US Geological Survey (USGS) are collected by the Library of Science and Medicine (LSM) at Rutgers University. Although many New Jersey maps can be found in the QuickSearch, most topographic maps are not cataloged. This in-house Topomaps Inventory database was created to help users determine which topomaps are available at LSM. Click "Search" on the menu bar to begin searching.

About the Topomaps Inventory database

This database allows you to search for topographic maps by quadrangle (map name). It includes information such as the year of publication, scale, USGS number, latitude and longitude etc. Search terms may be entered in lower case or upper case. Truncation is automatic, so typing "new brun" will retrieve records for "new brunswick".

Finding the Actual Topo Maps

Locating the actual topo maps can be a challenge due to the large size of our collection. You are encouraged to consult a reference librarian at LSM. The maps are located in drawers labeled alphabetically by state. Within drawers state maps are filed alphabetically by quadrangle name.

Other resources

Many topo maps are now available on the web. Please consult our "Related Web Sites". Many of them are very well done. Depending on your needs and your equipment at home, you may want to visit some of them before making a trip to our library.

If you have any questions regarding the Topomaps Inventory, please email rulweb@libraries.rutgers.edu.