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Related Topomaps Web Sites

  • Rutgers Geography Topographic Map Download Depot (http://elibrary.rutgers.edu/quadpage/index.html)

    This web site is maintained by the Geography Department at Rutgers University. The site contains New Jersey 1:24,000 scale topographic maps, mostly revised in 1981, although a few are earlier. Quadrangle maps are displayed by clicking on the index map of the state. The quality of the maps is acceptable, but the site requires a high bandwidth connection to access the maps.

  • Microsoft® Research Maps (http://msrmaps.com)

    Microsoft has partnered with the U.S. Geological Survey to provide free public access to maps and aerial photos of the United States . Place name searches work best, available through the advanced search menu. The date of the aerial photo or topographic map is included in the search result.

  • Terraserver (http://terraserver.com)

    This subscription service allows viewing of topographic maps for free, but prints and downloads are pricey. The company is perhaps better known for its aerial photos and satellite images.

  • TopoZone (www.topozone.com)

    TopoZone is now part of Trails.com, a subscription service. Browse by county or quadrangle name in the state list. Full functionality is only available to subscribers.

  • USGS GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) (http://geonames.usgs.gov)

    This database contains information about physical and cultural geographic features in the United States and foreign countries Click on “Search Domestic Names” to search by “feature” (e.g. local name or place name). The search results will give you the corresponding topographic map name.